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How to Accomplish Unrealized Dreams in the Second Half of Life

Like every HUMAN

DREAMS come with


Who Am I?

Joe Pellegrino

  • Serial entrepreneur, coach, consultant & pastor

  • Co-authored 8 books

  • My Life’s Mission: To be a Dash-Enhancer, pointing others to Purposeful Identity

  • I have lived out many of my dreams.

So, What's Your Dream?

  • To Grow Personally

  • To positively impact other lives

  • To launch a new venture

  • To explore a half-baked idea


What I've Learned

  • Dreams are a gift

  • Opportunities, like dreams,  come with an expiration date

  • The garden of sad reflection

  • It’s not to late to realize your dream(s)!

Think About This

  • What does the second half of your life look like?

  • What do you want your legacy to be?

  • What’s unrealized or half-baked idea has been sitting on the back burner?

  • What’s holding you back?

  • What have you got to lose? Better yet what have you got to gain??

  • That’s what we will uncover, GUARANTEED, if you choose to go to the next level!

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