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MYC Workshop

Introducing The Move Your Chains Mentoring Workshop

What if ONE POWERFUL QUESTION could unleash the hidden potential of your students?
What would our communities look like if every adolescent learned the eye-opening answer to the ONE POWERFUL QUESTION?
Who Are You…REALLY?


This unique workshop will empower your students with a keen understanding of who they are at their core.  Our questions will challenge and inspire them and lead to thought-provoking insights that help them see their purpose…at home, at school and in life.
As we work through MYC in an interactive, encouraging and safe setting, everyone becomes empowered with the understanding of not only who they are and how valuable they are, they also find enlightenment via better understanding their purpose.  This fosters higher degrees of motivation, respect and cooperation throughout your school.

Through participating in MYC, your students will:

  • be guided through a highly introspective journey that will lead to paths of self-discovery and improved group processes.

  • gain insight into how they are “wired” and why everyone isn’t designed exactly alike.

  • discover and be able to apply the knowledge of what drives them…what makes them most passionate about their job and your business.

  • realize what’s important to them in life and learn how to translate that into creating a happier, more productive attitude toward their job.

  • walk away with a “Snapshot of You” that will serve as a roadmap to understanding how to find true purpose and satisfaction in all areas of their life, including their jobs.

  • receive continued education moving forward.

The goal is simple: Teach students to critically think and to understand they were built for greatness.
Our kids are experiencing an identity crisis like never before and struggle with the ideal of critical thinking. The MYC Workshop could exponentially change that formula, supercharging your students potential through the gift of knowing who they are…Really!
Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the MYC Workshop include?

    • Includes 1-2 certified trainers

    • 8 monthly sessions (Sessions can also be accelerated)

    • Each visit will consist of:

      • Between 1-2 assemblies per visit (each assembly is 60 minutes)

      • A separate training for leaders (30 minutes)

      • Staff training for guidance counselors via video (30 minutes)

      • Support materials and assignments to “keep the discussion going”

    • Weekly 5-7 minute video shorts that reinforce the previous session.

    • Each student who completes all sessions will receive a diploma complete with a personal affirmation of who they are.

    • Quarterly surveys to check on how the kids are using what they learned. This is done through the counselors.

    • Ongoing access to the Not Just An Average Leader app which provides great leadership teachings.

What is the ideal number of attendees?
In order for this workshop to be effective we recommend no more than 100 student attendees. In order for maximum impact, we suggest no more than 30 attendees.
Who are the trainers?
Each MYC trainer is certified in our proprietary material, meaning they are professional speakers who have the ability and desire to train up the next generation.

Joe P Speaking3.jpg

Is this just for schools?
No. This program can be customized for other uses, such as:

  • After school programs

  • Youth groups

  • Group specific:

    • peer leaders

    • student athletes

    • & alternative students

What is the cost?
The cost of the program is dependent on several variables. After the initial meeting we will work up a suitable fee structure.

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