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The opportunity to maximize your potential is one that should not be discounted in the business marketplace or in life. While the economy continues to struggle, there is no better time to differentiate yourself, personally or corporately, from your competition. At Not Just An Average Joe we offer a myriad of services designed to accomplish just that. This includes, but is not limited to:

The utilization of innovative and interactive consulting practices to engage, encourage and equip you and/or your team with:

  • Workshops that transform

  • A troubleshooter to help overcome your business challenges

  • Someone to harvest in house ideas or provide fresh ones

  • The creation and implementation of unique marketing tools

  • Best of all is that maximizing your potential doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag.


At Not Just An Average Joe we rescue people & businesses from average standards. Call 973.865.8000 or complete the form below to see how we can help you!

"Not Just An Average" Joe Pellegrino

not just an average meeting / Consulting

We all need help at one time or another. At Not Just An Average Joe we understand better than most. The goal is to be able to find the right solution at the right price and BELIEVE that the group behind the solution will get the job done right the first time! Whether it is one on one personal or business coaching, group coaching or tailored seminars/workshops, Not Just An Average Joe will deliver.

Start with a FREE phone consultation or a very unique program we call Not Just An Average Lunch/Meeting. This lunch or virtual meeting is our guarantee to you that we are the right folks for the job. At this meeting we will provide you real visionary ideas to enhance your life or business. If you don't like them it will only cost you an hour of your time and the price of lunch. However, if the ideas presented at meeting make sense to you then we can discuss how to implement those ideas whether through process or training.

It's guaranteed so.. 



JOE PELLEGRINO is an author, speaker, certified professional life coach, consultant, men's pastor and entrepreneur. Joe is the founder of Not Just An Average Joe which focuses on a unique approach to coaching and consulting. He is also the President and founder of Legacy Minded Men, whose mission is to “Transform lives by engaging, equipping and encouraging men to build a Christ-centered legacy”.

He has appeared on Fox News several times, TBN and has been featured on many radio programs across the country. Joe is the co-author of 7 books including Safe at Home, Transformed: 7 Pillars of the Legacy Minded Man, That’s My Dad!, Fathers Say, The Men’s Struggle Cycle, 2 Words from God for the Legacy Minded Man, 5 Mandates for the Legacy Minded Man and Five and a Half Questions Everyone Must Answer. Joe has also developed and presents several workshops and seminars including Move the Chains, The Five and a Half Questions Everyone Must Answer and Transformed. 

He and his wife Bethanne founded and managed “Adopt a Child”, a program designed to provide abused children with gifts at Christmas. Over the course of 11 years 1996-2007, 20,000 children received over 50,000 gifts. This program earned them the “Volunteers of the Year” award in the State of New Jersey in the year 2000. For 11 years Joe served as the Chaplain for the New Jersey Jackals minor league baseball team.

He and his wife of 35 years, have three children and two grandchildren and live in Vero Beach, Florida.

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corporate advisory roundtables

Business owners seek Joe out to bring a fresh, experienced perspective to the challenges and opportunities they face. Unleashed creative thinking is the heartbeat of his service. His specialty is coaching individuals - specifically men – to identify purpose in their business and personal lives. Once that purpose is realized, he motivates them to put it into action.

Professionally he is called a "consultant," but the rigid confines of that word sets a limited precedent for what he can do for you. Therefore, he is a "Dash" enhancer. A “Dash” enhancer is someone who enhances the time you have on this earth, the time between your birth date and your death date. The dash!

Joe also facilitates roundtable coaching sessions where a group of business people buy a seat at the table and all work together to grow and go! New groups are forming now.


“Joe cares about your life. He carries out the command to love others by helping to provide direction at those times when someone is evaluating the “fork in the road.” I have found his ability to listen and evaluate issues both personal and business to be superb! I heartily recommend him!”

– Russel Teschon, Attorney and Judge

 “Joe's passion to help not only grow but develop people and organizations is second to none. He is as real as real gets! Working with Joe will ignite a fire to accomplish your goals and will fuel your desire to excel in life.”

– Juan Garcia, Certified Professional Life Coach at Juan Garcia Enterprises

"Joe Pellegrino has been professionally associated with me for three years. He has given me excellent guidance and advice for my marketing programs, business development, and artistic creativity. His experience in his field has aided the growth of my business expertise and problem solving. He has become a confident and a friend through his ethics. Joe has been an advocate for areas of promotion through the written media, social media, community events, videos, and even crisis containment. He has a valuable network available that has helped me consider choices and paths when making business and financial decisions. I would strongly recommend Joseph Pellegrino to be the "guy on your side" for your business and professional needs."

– Dr. Peter Brusco, DMD

"How are you doing? How are you REALLY doing? Joe gets past the routine pleasantries of passing relationships and fosters REAL and Meaningful relationships. Joe invests in people and motivates/inspires them."

– Jason Decker, Senior Investigator
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JOE PELLEGRINO is available to electrify your company, group or church. He is a passionate speaker who gives it to his audience straight, with humor and power. He speaks on many subjects, most all focus on identity and purpose. He is not a talking head but rather a man who interacts with his audience in a fun and unique manner. Breakout sessions get folks talking and exploring the words he speaks. Words he speaks from real world experience!


Two of his most popular talks are:

The 5.5 Questions Everyone Must Answer

What is the value of one powerful QUESTION?

What about one life changing ANSWER?


The Five and a Half Questions Everyone Must Answer workshop will empower individuals with a keen understanding of who they are at their core. Powerful questions will challenge and inspire attendees, leading to thought-provoking insights that will help them see their purpose - at work and in life. This fosters higher degrees of motivation, respect and cooperation throughout a life, a business or organization. Each attendee will walk away with a “Snapshot of You”, which is a summation of who they are at that moment in time and provides them with an understanding on how to make any necessary changes in order to have Purposeful Identity.

Average people produce average results because in many cases they do not know "who they are" and therefore give average effort.  The Five and a Half Questions Everyone Must Answer Workshop could exponentially change that formula, supercharging your potential through the gift of knowing Who You Are...REALLY!

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Transformed: 7 Pillars of a Legacy Minded Man

Leave a lasting legacy!

Jesus didn’t only come to save us from our sins. He came so that we could, through His divine power, build a new and different life in Him. All men must ask themselves two questions:

  • What foundation am I building my life on?

  • What is my game plan to win in life and build my legacy?

Transformed leads men to build the strongest foundation possible. Whether building a house or stronger muscles, the effort requires time, energy, and a plan. This 7-step game plan will help men win in life and build a strong legacy for generations to come:

  • Prayer strengthens your relationship with God.

  • Persona (who you really are) is discovered through relationship.

  • Priorities bring focus to live your purpose.

  • Perseverance pushes you to never give up.

  • Power is unleashed as you live out the first 6 pillars.


Books by joe


That’s My Dad!
By Joe Pellegrino & Joe Battaglia

To succeed at the highest level of any profession requires not just skill, but also confidence and mental toughness. Many men and women have natural skills, but many would also be the first to say that without the affirming love and support from their fathers or a father figure, they would not have made it to the top of their fields.

In That’s My Dad! authors Joe Pellegrino and Joe Battaglia look at father models, both positive and negative, that helped to shape the lives of successful men and women in the competitive worlds of media, arts and entertainment, and professional sports.

Whether these role models were hurt or helped by the choices of their fathers, they have chosen to learn from their past and portray exemplary qualities like courage, honor, joy, authenticity, and integrity to make them the role models they are today. This book demonstrates the power of true fatherhood and the difference it makes in the lives of children. All of us want to, or yearn that we could, stand up and shout, “That’s my dad!” 

7 Pillars of a Legacy Minded Man
by Joe Pellegrino & Jack Redmond

Jesus did not only come to save us from our sins. He came so that we could, through His divine power, build a new and different life in Him. All men must ask themselves two questions: 

  • What foundation am I building my life on? 

  • What is my game plan to win in life and build my legacy?  

Transformed leads men to build the strongest foundation possible. Whether building a house or stronger muscles, the effort requires time, energy, and a plan. Transformed provides a 7-step game plan that will help men win in life and build a strong legacy for generations to come. 

Do not live with without a strategy. Focusing on these pillars will help you become a legacy-minded man and will result in a life of lasting impact. Choose transformation today and discover the victory God has for you.

Fathers Say
by Joe Pellegrino & Joe Battaglia

What fathers say can determine a child's way.

Men who have abdicated their roles as fathers are the single greatest problem in society today. But fathers who speak words of encouragement and love to their children, mixed in with some common sense, sow into their hearts and minds the necessary ingredients for reaping healthy identities and self-images that propel toward success in life.

Join Joe Pellegrino and Joe Battaglia as they share moving stories and life lessons from men and women who testify to the power of a father s influence.​

Fathers Say beautifully demonstrates the power of a father's words, and the difference they make not only in families, but in society, as well.

The Men’s Struggle Cycle
by Juan Garcia & Joe Pellegrino

You’re probably wondering what this book is all about. Well it’s definitely not your average book for men, that’s for sure. Isn’t it interesting that every physiological change women go through, have the word “men” in it? You know, menstruation, menopause, etc. I wanted to draw your attention by giving you a perspective that would not only stick with you but will help give a dual understanding. Here’s the skinny – there is a lot in common between a woman’s menstrual cycle and a man’s struggle cycle. We thought it would be helpful to make an in-depth breakdown of how these two compare as it relates to the cycles.

Mens Struggle Cycle-1.png
QA55 Book Cover.jpg
The five and a half questions everyone must answer
by Joe Pellegrino with craig livsey

What is the value of one powerful question? What about one life changing answer? This book asks questions geared towards a sense of knowing who you are at your core. These questions are thought-provoking, challenging and inspiring. Most importantly, they are life changing!

After reading this book you will be in a position to identify that one thing that alludes most people: A Purposeful Identity!