My Goal Is To
Introduce You To Your
Purposeful Identity

There’s something very special about helping others arrive at the same conclusions I did...without having to take the long, painful and arduous journey that I had to.

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My name is Joe Pellegrino and my goal is to introduce you to yourself. The REAL you! 


We live among a ME Generation where much of the population has become so obsessed with themselves but have lost touch with who they really are. They can't see the big picture. In fact, only about 25% of Americans feel they have a clear purpose in life. Is it any wonder the world seems to be in chaos? 
I, along with my team, want to help you. I bring experience as a men's pastor, co-author of eight books, speaker, consultant, entrepreneurial visionary and John Maxwell coach. I've had the honor to lead as President of the global men's ministry Legacy Minded Men and now as President of Not Just An Average Joe, LLC. 


Uncover The Path to Discovering Your "Purposeful Identity" Through Just A Few Simple Questions (Five and a Half Questions to Be Exact!)


Not Just An Average Leader Meetings


Introducing: Not Just An Average Leader Roundtable Meetings


This 90-minute monthly meeting will provide both men and women with the tools to help them to...

  • be the best leader they can be

  • grow in their God-given strengths

  • understand and take advantage of their weaknesses

  • embrace and release their passion(s)

  • manage their brand

  • and rest on their tested belief system

  • all while constantly asking "why"

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Not Just An Average Meeting

Get started with a unique program called Not Just An Average Meeting. This in-person or virtual meeting (depending on what your schedule and location allows) will provide you with real visionary ideas and actionable strategies to enhance your life or business. 
Book a session for $995 and receive a full strategic work-up prior to the meeting based on the information you provide- but you only pay if you plan to use any of the strategies offered. That's my guarantee. 
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Speaking Engagements & Workshops

Joe Pellegrino is available to electrify your company, group or church. He is a passionate speaker who gives it to his audience straight, with humor and power. He speaks on many subjects, but most all find their way back to identity and purpose. He offers workshops to churches, schools, businesses, and prisons inspired by his three books: The Five and a Half Questions Everyone Must Answer (co-ed), 5 Mandates of a Legacy Minded Man, and Transformed: 7 Pillars of a Legacy Minded Man. He interacts with his audience in a fun and unique manner, and conducts breakout sessions to get folks talking and exploring about the content he shares from real world experience!

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Transformed: The 7 Pillars of a Legacy Minded Man

Jesus did not only come to save us from our sins. He came so that we could, through His divine power, build a new and different life in Him. All men must ask themselves two questions: What foundation am I building my life on? What is my game plan to win in life and build my legacy? Read More


The Five and a Half Questions Everyone Must Answer

What is the value of one powerful question? What about one life changing answer? This book asks questions geared towards a sense of knowing who you are at your core. These questions are thought-provoking, challenging and inspiring. Most importantly, they are life changing! Read More


5 Mandates of a Legacy Minded Man

The 5 Mandates of a Legacy Minded Man makes it clear, through two powerful verses, to all men, who God calls them to be. Read More


That's My Dad!: Honoring the Fathers Who Shaped Our Lives

To succeed at the highest level of any profession requires not just skill, but also confidence and mental toughness. Many men and women have natural skills, but many would also be the first to say that without the affirming love and support from their fathers or a father figure, they would not have made it to the top of their fields. Read More.


The Men's Struggle Cycle: A Guide for Men, By Men

You’re probably wondering what this book is all about. Well it’s definitely not your average book for men, that’s for sure. Isn’t it interesting that every physiological change women go through, have the word “men” in it? You know, menstruation, menopause, etc. Read More.


Fathers Say...: Give the Gift of Blessing to Your Children

Men who have abdicated their roles as fathers are the single greatest problem in society today. But fathers who speak words of encouragement and love to their children, mixed in with some common sense, sow into their hearts and minds the necessary ingredients for reaping healthy identities and self-images that propel toward success in life. Read More.