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Not Just An Average Leader Roundtable

According to world-renowned leadership guru John C. Maxwell, everything rises and falls with leadership. We understand this all too well and believe that within every individual there is a great leader. The challenge is pulling that leader out of the individual. The Not Just An Average Leader Roundtables are designed to do just that.

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How It Works...


This 90-minute monthly meeting, which in most cases will take place from 7:00am-8:30am on a mutually agreed upon day or at another time deemed convenient for the group as a whole, will provide both men and women with the tools to help them to:


  • grow in their God-given strengths

  • understand and take advantage of their weaknesses

  • embrace and release their passion(s)

  • manage their brand

  • and rest on their tested belief system

  • all while constantly asking "why"


The group is designed to not only equip you as an individual but to help you build an inner circle through a personal, non-competing, advisory board, in order to move each member to not only better understand their God ordained purpose, but also to have the tools to act on it. Each group can be live or virtual (or a combination) and have no more than 12 members.



  • Personal and business Christ-centered leadership development



  • Provides small business people and managers with the opportunity to be part of a group to bounce ideas off and gain insight into issues they are struggling with. All at the fraction of the cost of what just one consultant would charge.

  • Guaranteed first meeting. You won't pay if you don't see the benefit.

  • Confidentiality agreement to protect what is being said in the meeting

  • Personal growth


Monthly Meeting Structure


  • One week prior to meeting an email will be sent out to identify a hot issue that each member would like to have considered for discussion.

  • Each meeting starts with an ice breaker question that relates to that month's topic.

  • Brief introductions with an update on their current "fuel" levels.

  • Either a live or video training will follow.

  • Break out into small groups (3-4) to discuss monthly topic. 

  • Group time discussing what the breakouts revealed.

  • Remind each member to stay in touch and get to know the other members outside of the meeting time.

  • Remind each member to visit the app during the month for additional growth tools

  • Closing comments



  • Content will be provided by leaders around the country.


Who Facilitates the Group?

  • Each group will be facilitated by a leader who understands the importance of leadership. Potential facilitators can purchase areas to start their own group using the model and tools provided by NJAAL. If you are interested please email


  • The monthly subscription to own a seat at the table depends on the area and the facilitator. The fee includes full access to the Not Just An Average Leader app which contains many resources to help you move from good to great.

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